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December 1st Social/Chili Cookoff
October 5th - 7th Work/Camp Weekend


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December 1st Social/Chili Cookoff

the December 1st Social and Chili cookoff was great. some of us worked on the Case Tractor since it was cold outside, so no engines were out running.  Mike and Luke Toomey were able to get the rear rims and tires off the tractor, while Dean Lamontagne and Jim Desjardins worked on getting the tractor fired up for the first time since the club has had the tractor.  much more work to do but it's making progress.

the Rims were a BEAR to get off Mike and Luke worked pretty hard getting them free

October 5th - 7th Work/Camp Weekend

On The Weekend of October 5th -7th, a group of members took advantage of a nice fall weekend and camped at the clubhouse in Orange for some work and social fun. work that was done was cleaning the garage, moving the old Case tractor inside for future work on it, getting the 2019 show raffle engine running, some work on the train tracks and general cleanup around the property. following the work day the monthly meeting was conducted and elections were held. 

Campers Enjoying the great weekend weather