Central Massachusetts Steam, Gas & Machinery Association (CMSGMA)
 is focused on 
promoting and encouraging the salvage, restoration and preservation of early engines,
tractors, machinery and their related equipment.

The CMSGMA Calendar

2018 Raffle Engine
1.5 HP Maynard

Winner Drawn at the 42nd Engine-uity Show June 24th, winner does not have to be present



President - Tom McCune
Vice President - Mike Toomey
Treasurer - Grover Ballou
Secretary - Jim Desjardins

Newsletter- Dom Spano
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Board of Directors
Bob Upham   -            Expire Oct. 2020
Dave Songer -             Expire Oct. 2020
Stephen Upham -        Expire Oct. 2020
Dean Lamontagne -    Expire Oct. 2018
Wayne McCartney -   Expire Oct. 2018
Denise McCartney      Expire Oct. 2018
Doug Wood -              Expire Oct. 2018
Luke Toomey -           Expire Oct. 2018